‘Come on, it’s my birthday!’ says my friend.

‘Er, no, I’m fine. I don’t drink anymore’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, one won’t hurt’

I stare down at the empty glass in my hand feeling overwhelmed.

I want to shout,

‘One will hurt. One means I will lie in bed all day…

Sober Awkward — By Victoria Vanstone

Being sober gives so much. It makes the world a much nicer place to be. I feel happier, lighter and I’m no longer at risk of being arrested. But, honestly, even though sobriety can some days feel like a never-ending journey of self-love, it…

I’ve been away for a ‘Holiday.’ When I say the word ‘holiday’ it conjures up images of me relaxed on a sunbed sipping on a cocktail in oversized sunglasses flicking through a glossy magazine.

But a ‘holiday’ with three kids is nothing like that.

The only glossy mag I got…

Giving up drinking feels good, there’s no doubt about it. You sleep better, you eat better and you look, well…happier. But it’s not all meaningful one on ones, sunrise walks on the beach and adventure swims. There are also many unexpected downsides.

This downside has been bubbling up from within…

Today I experienced a ‘Wapple.’ A wapple, according to my 4 year-old daughter, is when you go to the park and play with someone you’ve never met before.

‘I love wapples mum’ she said after I’d coaxed her off the swing with the promise of a icy pole.

‘Yes, I…

I’ve never considered myself to be an alcoholic. Even though I’ve been passed out at festivals, pubs and clubs surrounded by vomit and empty beer cans since I was 14 doesn’t make me that, does it?

I thought drinking rum at 10am made me a pirate? Not an alcoholic?



Victoria Vanstone is a British-born mum who lives on The Sunshine Coast in Australia with three noisy children, a very patient husband and a confused dog.

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